Rob Tedesco

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Founder of Paro and Head of Product Experience
Over 20 years experience in Healthcare Technology
Former Executive Leader at J&J, Omnicom, Ashfield Healthcare
End-to-end product development experience on various platforms
Total Quality Management & ISO 9002 experience
Opertional, Financial, and Startegic Leadership at Paro
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Imran Deshmukh

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Head of Par Solution Architecture & Technical Product Development
Cloud Infrastructure &
Scalability Engineer
Expertise across numerous technology platforms
Former senior roles at J&J
& Capgemini
Extensive HIPAA & GDPR implementation experience
M.S. Computer Engineering
(Duke University)
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Josh Caggiula

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Head of Paro Marketing, Account Management, & Client Service
10+ years experience in life sciences, healthcare, and
digital strategy
Experienced liaison between IT, Marketing, & Sales
Client & account management leader for leading life
sciences brands
Global experience across NA, EMEA, LATAM, & APAC
Agency, consulting, &
client-side experience for
leading organizations

Chris Guyer

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Head of Paro Commercialization & Customer Sales
20+ years of experience in the life sciences space
Overseas Strategic Partnership and Client Relationships
Marketing and Sales Leader
Experience includes digital media platforms and marketing
mix consultation
Prior leadership roles
include strategy and global business development